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  • MOVIES & TV SHOWS. This is primarily a blog about the stuff I watch and the people that are in them, what they say, what they do, when they stand places and get photographed and when they sit places and talk about the stuff they’re in. Also, awards shows.
  • CAPS LOCK!!!”“!1 and obnoxious amounts of punctuation!!!!!!! I am excitable. Also, obnoxious.
  • TEXT POSTS. About anything. Irrelevant. They will probably bore you. GET YOUR SCROLLING FINGERS AT THE READY.
  • WORK STORIES. 50% bc it’s interesting. 50% need to document it so I know I’m not dreaming the weirdness.
  • GIFS & EDITS. Photoshop & I have a tempestuous love affair that produces something perhaps relevant to your interests most days.
  • A MISCELLANY OF OTHER JUNK. Clothes, books, music, Jesse Eisenberg’s hair, Jean Dujardin’s eyebrows, Martin Freeman’s sideburns, Matt Smith’s alien mop.