well its working :)

Aw ty! This look is notably better than last week when I wore grey/electric blue/light brown/black to work!

Getting up at 5:30 makes me do this accidentally most days and it actually works. Most of the time… Also - it would be appreciated if you kindly gave my that ring.

shorlock replied to your photo: Basically this morning I just decided to wear…

omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ring is beautiful

THIS RING IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. It is a precious heirloom handed down the female line of my family. It was originally my great great great grandmother’s.

lolno, it’s from h&m and I only got it recently, so it’s most probably still in the shops. GIVE ME ALL OF THE OWL RELATED JEWELLERY.

01/31/12 at 3:38PM
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  1. perfumeandpromises said: And I’m off to H&M. I have so much owl jewellery it’s disturbing.
  2. jaqenthebox said: MAY GO TO H&M AFTER WORK
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